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"I don't have a Job.
 I have a Calling"
Hugo Sanchez Laurel 
President and Founder


Optima Funeral Home

We are a family owned, full-service funeral home, in the heart of Los Angeles.  We serve families of all faiths, nationalities and beliefs from many different communities.


Choosing a funeral home is a difficult decision. Whether it’s the result of necessity or a desire to be prepared, there are many factors to consider. Will your needs and wishes be met? Do you know and trust the director? What is the firm’s reputation? With such a serious matter it’s wise to get all the facts before making your selection.

Why Optima Funeral Home?

We are dedicated to helping the bereaved cope with the loss of a loved one by providing a professional, caring, understanding and compassionate response to their needs.”


Hugo Sanchez Laurel 

Optima Funeral Home

Our mission has been to help lighten the burden and improve the experience that one has when going through the difficult time of arranging the funeral of a loved one. We achieve this through a staff of well-trained professionals, who through their sensitivity and creativity, help guide you through your journey to healing.

Our directors will guide you in your arrangements so that your cost will be within your means and that the service that you plan will be meaningful.


Our Facilities


We have made every effort to make our facility comfortable, while providing families a respectful, especially dignified place in which to commemorate the life of a loved one. Browse our gallery of location images, or stop by our offices. If you wish a personal tour of our facility, we ask that you call us (213) 280-2798 to set an appointment.

Historic-Cultural Monument

Master architect Rudolph Schindler was one of the early pioneers of Modernism and designed hundreds of residential projects throughout Los Angeles. He also designed exactly one church, the Bethlehem Baptist Church, which is notable both as Schindler’s only ecclesiastical design and as one of very few examples of intact Modern architecture in South Los Angeles. The church was completed in 1944, at the height of Schindler’s career. It is currently the home of Optima Funeral Home.

Our Chapel
Optima Funeral Home

Drawing Courtesy the Architecture and Design Collection / Art, Design & Architecture Museum / University of California, Santa Barbara

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