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You Are Not Alone

Have you suffered a loss?  You are not alone.  

Most people in the world have also suffered at least one loss of a close loved one. 

Not Alone is here to offer you support as you find the strength you need to get through this difficult and dark period of your life.  This website has been created to assist you in your grief, as well as to provide support and resources that will help you - please take the time to have a look around.

First of all, remember that everybody grieves differently.  You may be feeling and acting completely differently to someone else that you know.  That is okay and that is normal.  Just be yourself and don't compare yourself to others.  Be kind and gentle to yourself, as you are the only person who knows what is best for you right now. 

Often our friends and family will want to help, but they do not always know how.  It is difficult for the people who care about us to know what to say or do at these times.  Sometimes just knowing that they are there for us should we need to call on them is enough.

So take one day at a time, and if that is too much, break it down to half a day, and if that is too much - take it one hour at a time.  Remember to breathe, and if you feel like crying, then don't be afraid to.  When we cry our tears provide a release - quite often we feel a lot better after a good hard cry.

What is grief ?


When someone close to us dies, we experience something called grief. You may have heard about grief but are not quite sure what it is all about. Grief can be feelings: anger, sadness, worry, relief, fear, numbness. 

We Are Here For You



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